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The Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation makes three types of investments in the area of Prison Reentry: Programmatic, Capacity Building & Collaboration, and Systems Change.

1. Programmatic: Projects selected for direct service programmatic investments will answer the question: What positive gains will occur for individual participants or communities? Projects include new or existing programs that work directly with incarcerated or formally incarcerated individuals, employers, or community members to achieve results.

2. Capacity & Collaboration Building: Projects selected for capacity and collaboration building investments will answer the questions: How will your organization and/or other organizations be different, and  how will collaboration improve effectiveness and efficiency while improving results for incarcerated and formally incarcerated individuals' lives? Projects bring organizations together to strengthen the existing capacity and/or collaboration of reentry organizations to achieve results.

3. Systems Change: Projects selected for systems change investments will answer the question: How will your work inform change on a macro-level, including influencing policy or changing service provider practices? Projects include awareness efforts, research and advocacy efforts that lead to positive changes by state and local lawmakers, district attorneys, judges, sheriffs, wardens, and probation and parole officers.

The Wilson Foundation collaborated with The Rensselaerville Institute (TRI) to create a framework to guide the work in achieving a reduction in recidivism.  This framework is illustrated in two parts: a Strategic Map and Results Trails.  

The Strategic Map for the Reentry Initiative connects the strategy to impact; links organizational efforts to desired results; defines results for key stakeholders; and identifies the organization's contribution.

The Results Trails changes the condition of those being supported; show what goes into projects that allows participants to find achievement; ask organizations to know the difference between improvements that can happen and improvements that will happen; and are the basis for metrics to measure results.   

Result trails are tailored for each stakeholder group: 
For assistance on the Prison Reentry Initiative, please contact Tristi Charpentier at
(225) 292-1344 or tristi@hwilson.org.


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