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Applicant Resources
The Foundation has created the following tools to help organizations in drafting their proposals.

1. These Guide Sheets have been created to walk organizations through the process of creating a Target Results Statement. Please use the Guide Sheet that properly corresponds to the type of grant for which you are applying:
2. The Target, Verification and Milestone worksheet will help you draft your target statement and project milestones, as well as how you will verify your project results.

3. Please make sure you thoroughly read the Prison Reentry Initiative Grant Guidelines prior to drafting your grant application.

4. For prospective grantees who were unable to attend our Grantee Training Workshop, the PowerPoint presentation is here for your reference.

5. The Foundation is also pleased to provide applicants with a 7-part video training series:

For assistance on the Prison Reentry Initiative, please contact Tristi Charpentier at
(225) 292-1344 or tristi@hwilson.org



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