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The Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation's mission is to enhance Louisiana's communities, and in particular the greater Baton Rouge area, by supporting philanthropic initiatives and programs that improve the lives of its citizens.  

The Foundation funds efforts in the areas of Human Services, Healthcare, Education and Prison Reentry, which positively impacts and strengthens the organizations and institutions that address the underlying causes of problems rather than treating symptoms.    

Human Services Healthcare Education Prison Re-entry
Prison Reentry Initiative
Final applications for the 2018 Prison Reentry Initiative cohort will be due November 17, 2017.  Visit the Prison Release tab for more information regarding our Prison Reentry Initiative.

Interim and Final Reporting
For 2017 Fall grant recipients,  interim reports are due March 29, 2018.

For 2017 Spring grant recipients, final reports are due March 29, 2018.

Please plan accordingly to have your reports submitted on time.  To be considered for future funding, all reports must be submitted in a timely manner.

We are finalizing our 2017 Fall grant review process. Notifications will besent in early November.

Please ensure you know proper dates for our submission deadlines.  All necessary details can be found in the 'Grantmaking Process' tab.


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